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Betbuzz 365 Bet
Betbuzz 365 Bet

Betbuzz 365 Bet Online Base Betting Site in Bangladesh. It has an advanced agent-based betting option for sub-agent. Betbuzz 365 Bet site is famous among users. But there have several links we see on Betbuzz 365 Bet search. So which is the official Betbuzz 365 link? This review gives the ideal and exact login and a registration link for Betbuzz365.

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Betbuzz 365 Bet Official Top Link

Official link: >> is the most popular and authentic betting site website in Bangladesh. So if you want to visit with an exact link then go through the mentioned web address.

How to open an account on

To open an account on Betbuzz 365 Bet any user needs to contact with Betbuzz 365 agent. You won’t able to create an account yourself on this betting site.

Deposit and withdrawal will manage by your agent. You need to pay your agent to deposit. Moreover, when you want to withdraw your earnings your agent gives you the withdrawal amount.

You will always have to deal with the agent from whom you will open the account. To understand which agent to pay and how to deal with it. So you might read the rules and regulations on the website.

Betbuzz 365 Bet Agent List

Betbuzz 365 Bet has two types of agents. 1 is Betbuzz 365 master agent and 2 is Betbuzz 365 super agent. Anyone who wants to get a master agent then a super-agent can approve it. So, to be part of the master agent you need to contact the super agent.

Online Super Agent List:

You can open Super Agent Ra, User Account, and Master Agent Account. If there is a complaint in the name of any super-agent – you have to inform the admin directly. The Admin list is given in the menu above.

List of Online Master Agents:

Online Master Agents can only open a user account. If there is a complaint in the name of a master agent – you have to complain directly to the super agent. The names of the super agents are written next to the names of the master agents.

Local Master Agent List:

Local Master Agents can only open a user account. But in dealing with them, each user has to deal with their own responsibility. No complaint can be made in their name.

Local Master Agents:

These agents usually deal in their own area or with acquaintances. Those who used to place bets have been given local agents. Local agents don’t come online and they want to keep their identities secret. Don’t deal with local agents online in any way, and if you do, it’s entirely your responsibility.

In Bangladesh, there are many online betting agents available who manage payment, deposit, support, and security. Here is a Bangladeshi betting 9wickets agent list page.

How to become Agent

Anyone can take agent advantage of this reputable Betting site. Master agents can only be paid by super agents. Contact the super agents to pick up the master agent.

Buy and sell points

The agent will buy points from Betbuzz365 for 60 rupees.
The agent will sell to the user for 100 rupees.


The agent will buy points from the user for 100 rupees.
The agent will sell to Betbuzz365 for 60 rupees. Conditions

🎯 The agent has to start by buying 40 thousand points that price is 40, 000 BDT.
🎯 Excluding user balance, the agent’s balance should always be 500 points.
🎯 If the agent’s balance is 700 or more then the agent can sell 200 or more points.
🎯 Agents must have a minimum of 40 active users.
🎯 If the allegation against an agent is proven, the agency will be deemed canceled immediately.

Note: The minimum transaction with the super-agent is 200 points.

Special Caution: Users have to pay at the right time as soon as they ask for the withdrawal.

Note by Betting Bangladesh: All the information we collect online source.

Betbuzz 365 Bet Payment In Bangladesh

The question is important among bettors in Bangladesh. Bettor is struggling to deposit and withdrawal from betting and gambling online websites in Bangladesh.

Bkash mobile wallet is one of the best options in Bangladesh for mass users. Because most of the users are using this mobile wallet in Bangladesh. That’s why a user wants to use it. So you can deposit and withdraw through bkash on Betbuzz 365 Bet.

As Betbuzz 365 Bet alternative 1xbet bkash deposit using many Bangladeshi. In the same way, you can pay through Bkash and Nagad wallets.

About Betbuzz Agent

Recently, this betting company agent list link is not working properly. The agent list link shows a 404-page error. After, online social media sources we got some agent names. Those agent names are here. You might check before any investment.

Supper Agent Name

They have to chance to be super agents on Betbuzz. A betting agent can make money with local agents and direct bettors. You can get a % amount of profit commission money.
  1. Abdul Mannan
  2. Jakpet Jossif Jakpet
  3. Robin Khan
  4. Js Chowdhury 
  5. Nayeem Hasan

Betbuzz 365 provides an online betting agent in Bangladesh. Super agent= Allein king on Facebook profile. You need to contact any supper agent who will provide a local agent for this betting website. You can compare Velki live online betting site with the Betbuzz betting site in Bangladesh. Velki live betting site is also popular in Bangladesh and controlled by 9wickets admin. So, Betbuzz is also a trusted Bangladeshdehi betting site like 9wickets and Velki Live. All the local betting sites in Bangladesh are agent bais systems.



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