Crores Are Smuggled In Online Gambling In Bangladesh 2023

Online Gambling In Bangladesh
Online Gambling In Bangladesh

Huge syndicate of Online Gambling In Bangladesh. Millions of people have become addicted to these online casino activities in Bangladesh. Although it started out of curiosity but upon a time became intoxicating in a few days. There are people of different ages and professions on the list of addicts.

The big thing is, they can take part in the various betting site in Bangladesh and abroad sitting at home. Most of the sites are being operated from outside of the country.

New online casino sites are emerging every day due to increasing user demand. They even have mobile-friendly betting apps. Most of the controls are from outside of the country like Russia, China, Malaysia, India, etc. So its expanding popularity in Online Gambling In Bangladesh.

Huge syndicate of Online Gambling In Bangladesh.

Millions of people have become addicted day by day to various online casino sites. As we mention above it started out of curiosity, and a certain level that’s becoming intoxicating in a few days. There are people of different ages and professions like government servants or nongovernment servants on the list of addicts.

Online Gambling In Bangladesh
Online Gambling In Bangladesh

The big thing is, they can take part in various betting mobile apps or online gambling platforms in the country and abroad sitting at their home. Not only they can attend at their home but also they can play with digital online platforms and mobile banking deposits system. For instant, they use deposit with Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, Cryptocurrency, etc payment methods in Bangladesh.

As well as most of the sites are being operated and the super admin is from outside the country. And they attend Online Gambling In Bangladesh with VPN and different IPs.

New sites are emerging every day due to the increasing all types of bettor demand. They even have mobile version betting apps. Many bettors are becoming destitute on these online gambling additions. Many are losing their credit card information and all their balance.

In addition, online gambling has opened a fancy way of smuggling money out of the country. Due to this gambling, crores of Taka are being transacted in mobile banking every day. Mobile banking users like bKash, Nagot Rocket, Upay, etc to involve bet on Online Gambling In Bangladesh.

It is learned that two-thirds of this money is being smuggled abroad through domestic brokers. Law enforcement says many members of the ring have already been arrested by Bangladeshi cops. Shutting down the online gambling site. Bangladeshi authorities block online casino IPs. The operation is underway to arrest those who are still active. The government forces of Bangladesh are trying to stop all kinds of Online Gambling In Bangladesh.

The way online gambling platforms are working

There is no difference between online gambling and ordinary gambling. Here too, betting can be done by focusing on different league games. For example IPL, domestic cricket, football, etc.

A website is in the role of organizer. The websites are known as online betting sites. There are betting sites with different names in the country. They are regularly launching new sites that call Online Gambling In Bangladesh.

You have to open an online account and register on these sites to participate ods. Then you have to gamble by depositing a certain amount of money through an internationally accepted card or any other payment gateway. Brokers are available on the country’s social media for less-educated gamblers. Brokers open accounts and teach you how to bet on that platform.

The cycle then takes money through mobile banking, converts it into dollars, and deposits it in gamblers’ accounts. On social media, Facebook, the gang openly invites people to gamble. Basically, these gambling events are held with different types of big sports events and players including football and cricket from different countries. Online Gambling In Bangladesh increases fans.

Domestic brokers on foreign gambling sites

On December 9, the Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU) of Bangladesh Police arrested two admins of a Facebook group of online gamblers from the Savar Thana area of ​​Dhaka district. The arrested are Md. Sabbir Ahmed Kawsar (19) and Md. Monwar Hossain (27).

During this time various online gambling equipment was recovered from them. Both are domestic agents for a gambling platform called OneXbet (1xbet) operated from Russia.

Eight of them work for 1xbet in Bangladesh. They open IDs or account for people to participate gamble on this site, and recharge money in the account. There are a total of eight admins and moderators on the Facebook page and group. The group has ten thousand members. It is learned that those members are also under the surveillance of the law and order forces.

ATU Superintendent of Police (Media and Awareness) Mohammad Aslam Khan told the News Media, ‘The ring has initially admitted to being involved in online betting since 2016.

They invite people to gamble online in groups through the social media platform. You can then open an account on a foreign betting site, take money from gamblers, convert it into dollars and deposit it in your account, after which you can start betting or gambling activities. They arrested two of the eight members of the gang. Six are still at large. They too will be caught soon. ‘

Who is gambling?

Law enforcement officials say people of all ages and professions can be addicted to gambling. Once intoxicated, no one wants to get out easily. Mostly young. Those who are more addicted to mobile games go to gambling betting sites once they explore the game. Betting then becomes intoxicating.

Rashedul Hasan, a young man from Rampur, told the News Media, ‘I own a department store. I sit in the shop all day. Mobile in hand. Spend time playing games. Once I started betting online through friends. In doing so, I can be said to have gone bankrupt today. ‘ What is the number of online gamblers in Bangladesh? In response to such a question, Rashedul said, “Millions of people play.

Different betting sites have different rules. Somewhere you can play for less money, somewhere you have to deposit a minimum of 500 BDT or 1000 Taka. ‘ Rashedul’s statement also matched the information of the police. According to the police, the number of online gamblers of different styles is increasing every day in the country. Everyone is under surveillance.

Casino transactions with mobile banking bKash, Nagot, and Rockets.

The RingID, which was recently arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Unit, has taken advantage of all the mobile banking in the country. Many online users deposits with a Bkash mobile wallet. Two of the eight members of the 1Xbet (desi gang) were arrested from Dhaka, but the rest escaped to several other districts, including Bagerhat.

They used to take money in various mobile banking including rocket, bKash, and Ucash. The group also regularly advertised on Facebook and YouTube to open accounts and deposit money on the 1Xbet site. According to the Anti-Terrorism Unit, the mobile banking of the cycle contains information on transactions worth crores of rupees.

Money laundering

Agents of foreign gambling sites collect money from gamblers and smuggle it to the owners of betting sites through credit cards and e-banking. The betting site then displays the amount in the gambler’s account after receiving the dollar as a point and coin.

This is how money is being smuggled by gamblers. Law enforcement fears that money is being laundered through hundi through the hands of agents. Online Gambling In Bangladesh bad effect on young people.

Online Gambling site list In Bangladesh
Gambling site list In Bangladesh

How many website apps?

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said approximately 4,000 gambling sites had been shut down in July this year. These online gambling sites are being opened anonymously for the benefit of different people online.

Even though the regulatory body closed down, it came back under a different name. There are still hundreds of gambling sites active.

Cricket betting in Bangladesh is getting popular. Basically, young people are involved with their smartphones. They install betting apps and sites with VPN and participate in different ods events with the local currency deposit.

Statement by law enforcement

Most of the domains and hosting of online gambling platforms or websites are regulated from outside the country. There are some circles of Bangladeshi citizens living abroad who operate this betting site from outside.

So they are not easily caught. However, in order to prevent the sites from opening in Bangladesh, it is recommended to close them through the regulatory body. Because Online Gambling In Bangladesh is not legal.



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