How to Start 1xbet Affiliate to Make Money

1xbet Affiliate

The popular betting site 1xbet has a lot of income options for its customers. But for online marketers, there are 1xbet affiliate programs for earning. It is very popular all over the world and as a result, marketers promote 1xbet in various ways. You can also earn through their affiliate if you want. Our today’s article is for you if you also want to earn money from the 1xbet affiliate program. The whole article must be read because reading the whole thing is very important for proper understanding.

1xbet Affiliate Registration

What is 1xbet Affiliate?

An organization reaches its peak of development only when its proper marketing begins. At present, marketing, e-commerce, as well as various organizations, have launched affiliate programs. 

In this way the marketers promote these companies on their own and in return they get some commission. 1xbet has also launched a program through which marketers can earn money by promoting them. This is called the 1xbet affiliate program. 

1xbet has different commission rates for marketers. These are very interesting. But if you want to promote, you have to create an account first. Let’s take a look at how to create a 1xbet affiliate account. You can also buy a 1xbet verified account.

1xbet Affiliate Registration

To create a 1xbet affiliate account, you have to follow some special guidelines. The proper following of these steps will lead you to success. Here I am going to tell you about the steps of creating accounts.

Step 1: The first thing you have to do here is go to the affiliate website of 1xbet. The link to that website is here: You will also get the link from the bottom official website of 1xbet.

1xbet Affiliate
1xbet Affiliate

Step 2: Next you have to click on the “Registration” button from the top of the page. 

1xbet Affiliate
1xbet Affiliate

Step 3: After clicking on this button, you will find a form to fill up. You have to fill this form with 100% authentic information. The star (*) marker places must fill up.

Step 4: Then you have to ensure the “checkmark” and confirm that you have read all terms and conditions of their affiliate program. 

Step 5: Now the final step. You have to click on the “Register” button to submit the form.

1xbet Affiliate
1xbet Affiliate

Step 6: Now the authority will review your application and will decide whether the account will be approved or not. The time they ask for the review is around 48 hours. But they will accept the account within 6 hours.

This was the guideline for creating 1xbet affiliate account creation. But there are some small things that need your special attention to get fast approval. You have to read the next section to know that.

Things Must do While Creating an Account

These things are small but if you can follow these then you will get a better understanding of creating an account. They are key facts here.

Payment Information

If you want to get paid through your Bkash or Nagad wallet then you have to select the “Player Account” from the form. If you select this then the authority will send payment to your player account and you will get paid to your Bkash wallet. But you need a fresh player account where you don’t bet. Here is how to create a 1xbet account.

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Website Option Filling

There is an option on the form called ‘website’. That is a must-fill option. You can not avoid that. But most people who want to earn money from 1xbet affiliates have no website. Even some people want to affiliate with their Facebook group or page. 

But the best choice will be to create a website and then start applying process. Creating a website is completely free and easy. This will be the best to create a free website for 1xbet affiliation.

1xbet Affiliate Commission

Most of us want to know the commission rate of 1xbet affiliates. Because this is the only earning method from affiliates. We find two types of commission in this program. One of these is a referral commission for a player account and another one is for a sub-affiliate account. We are going to discuss both commissions here. All your commissions can see 1xbetpartnet ID

Player Account Commission

If someone creates a player account on this platform then you will get around 25%-30% commission over the revenue the company gets. This is really a smart amount.

Sun-Affiliate Commission

There is another type of commission in the 1xbet affiliate. You may refer the marketers also. If someone creates an affiliate account from your referral link then you will get 3% of his per month income. This is also a very tempting offer from the authority.

How to Promote 1xbet

There are different types of promotion options in 1xbet. You will get these options if you have an affiliate account. Among them, promo code is very much popular. But they have banners and display advertisements too. 

All these options are very popular selling options. If your audiences are from social media then a promo code is best for you. But website owners love banner and display ads.

1xbet affiliate app

1xbet affiliate app download

Our Opinion

The earning potential is very high on this platform. Some people are earning more than his expectation. You may also try this betting platform to start your affiliate program. Here is the link to create your account. Thanks for reading.

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