Online betting in the eyes of Islam

Online betting in the eyes of Islam
Online betting in the eyes of Islam

Online betting in the eyes of Islam. Lately, some fancy and flashy advertisements for making money online have been heard on the faces of some Facebookers and YouTubers. One of which is online betting. Which is called online gambling in simple Bengali. There is no difference between online gambling and ordinary gambling.

Here too, betting can be done by focusing on different league games. A website is in the role of organizer. The sites are known as ‘betting sites in the net world. Online betting in the eyes of Islam

Online betting in the eyes of Islam

There are betting sites with different names in the country. You have to open an account and register on these sites. Then you have to gamble by depositing a certain amount of money through an internationally accepted card or any other means.

For those who understand less online-internet, there are brokers to help them gamble. Those who teach the rules of betting, starting from opening an account.

The cycle then takes money through mobile banking, converts it into dollars, and deposits it in gamblers’ accounts. Online betting in the eyes of Islam

Basically, these gambling events are held with different types of big sports events and players including football and cricket from different countries.

And the brokers manipulate people’s money by opening accounts, arranging dollars, etc. Billions of rupees were smuggled abroad.

This is because the agents (brokers) of foreign gambling sites collect money from gamblers and smuggle it to the owners of betting sites through credit cards and e-banking.

The betting site then displays the amount in the gambler’s account after receiving the dollar. Online betting in the eyes of Islam

They have been campaigning with various online activists to boost their fraudulent business in such a way that many less educated people are starting to think of gambling as freelancing.

As a result, they set foot on the path of destructive and faith-destroying gambling to make easy money.

Such a game is harmful to both the world and the Hereafter. In the Holy Qur’an, Allah the Almighty has instructed us to refrain from all such acts.

Irshad said, ‘O you who believe, surely wine, gambling, idols, and arrows of fortune are the work of the unclean devil. Online betting in the eyes of Islam

So avoid it, that you may be successful. Satan wants to stir up enmity among you by means of wine and gambling and to hinder you from the remembrance of God and from prayer. But will you not desist? ‘(Surat al-Ma’ida: 90-91)

In the above verse, some acts have been termed as the deeds of Satan, one of which is gambling. Allah Almighty has forbidden these deeds.

Narrated Abdullah bin Amr: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade drinking alcohol, gambling, and drumming. (Abu Dawood, Hadith: 365)

Therefore, no Muslim can engage in such haraam activities in any way. Besides, gambling both online and offline is a threat to the country. Online betting in the eyes of Islam

Billions of rupees are smuggled out of the country, especially through online gambling. In short, many people become destitute due to the addition of becoming rich. Some are crushed in the throes of despair and leave the world.

Is online betting haram or halal?

In this age of technology, many people play betting online. But most people don’t know whether online betting is haram or halal – betting and lottery in Islam. So, keep reading the post to know whether online betting is haram or halal.

What is online betting to play online betting? You must know the answers to questions like how to gamble online, and how to play casinos online. However, learn more about betting in the eyes of Islam.

Betting and lottery in Islam.

And to know the answers to all these questions, keep reading our post today. Betting and lottery in Islam Gambling and lottery games are forbidden in Islam. Gambling is a deadly sin. Even betting and lotteries are called satanic works in the Quran.

betting in the eyes of Islam
betting in the eyes of Islam

It is stated in Al-Quran – O believers that alcohol, gambling, idols, and fortune-tellers are nothing but the impure works of Satan. Therefore, live with them so that you may benefit. [Surah Ma’ida-90] On the other hand, it is narrated in the hadith from Abu Hurairah (RA):

The Prophet, peace, and blessings are upon him, said, “Children who disobey their parents, gambling participants, beggars and drunkards will not enter Paradise” (Darimi, Hadith: 3653; Mishkat Hadith: 3486) Also family social and social peace and stability are destroyed.

In the above discussion, we can say that betting and lottery are forbidden in Islam. Therefore, all of us as Muslims must refrain from betting and lottery activities. Online betting is haram and betting and lotteries are heinous crimes in Islam.

Casino game is haram?

Gambling is a forbidden act. Since casino games fall under gambling, casino games are haram. In the Qur’an, it is described as a satanic act. Gambling is a social disorder it is a crime. This leads to the decline of society.

Turmoil in the family creates turmoil in society. This is the poet’s sin. So we all should refrain from this act. “Every wager is gambling. So it’s clear about betting in the eyes of Islam.

Even children’s games of chance and gambling are gambling” (Tafseer Ibn Kasir 2/116, Surah Ma’idah:90-93). Allah Ta’ala says, “O you who believe, these idols of wine, gambling, and fortune-telling are not the impure works of Satan. So avoid them, that you may benefit.” (Surah Ma’idah: 90)

As a result, their families were also affected. Thus gambling is destroying our society. The world and the hereafter of many people are being destroyed. May Allah Almighty grant everyone the Tawfiq to refrain from such sins. Amen.


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