Proxy Server Betting Site in Bangladesh

Proxy Server Betting Site in Bangladesh

Proxy Server Betting Site in Bangladesh. Long ago, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) shut down 12 online gambling sites related to sports in Bangladesh. In this case, the betting sites provide alternative links or mirror links.

Sources said the initiative was taken following a joint letter from the Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of the police and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). But in recent times, several betting Bangladesh sites are easily accessible.

Cyber ​​Security and Social Media Specialist Speech

Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) of Cyber ​​Security and Social Media Specialist of the Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) Unit of the police said.

Nazmul Islam said that besides gambling face-to-face, gamblers are also active on various websites. Letters have been sent to the appropriate authorities to block the sites about which we have received information.

Cyber ​​surveillance of the sites is also ongoing. However, many people are visiting these sites using proxy servers. Proxy Server Betting Site in Bangladesh

We are collecting the names of some of the betting sites that have been reported to be active. I will request BTRC to close the sites again.

It is learned that gamblers are making financial transactions in at least 26 foreign currencies of different countries in addition to money. Proxy Server Betting Site in Bangladesh

Gamblers are transacting money online with cards from different countries including PayPal, Pioneer, Master, Debit, and Credit. Proxy Server Betting Site in Bangladesh

The 12 sites that have been shut down are,,,,,,, bet,,, However, some sites are going to be entered lately.

Meanwhile, 12 cricket gambling websites have been shut down in Bangladesh, but proxy servers are still being used to access those sites and gambling is going on freely.

Concerned parties say that the closure of BTRC sites has caused some problems for online gamblers. However, the use of proxy servers as an alternative quickly began. As a result, gambling is going on in parallel.

Proxy Server Betting Site in Bangladesh

A source on the cricket board says the younger generation is addicted to online gambling. In other words, Bangladesh is moving towards a frightening situation. If action is not taken now, more and more young people will go astray in the future. Betting in Bangladesh is not legal but many people in Bangladesh, are involved in these gambling activities.

Proxy Server For Parimatch Poker

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