How did betting Crickets in Bangladesh?

betting Crickets in Bangladesh
betting Crickets in Bangladesh

Betting Crickets in Bangladesh The word ‘cricket gambling’ is now popular in Bangladesh. This gambling has now spread from town to village. Some people call it money. Again someone said bet 7 This gambling or betting takes place during various games including BPL IPL. BPL, IPL, World Cup, ODIs, and even Test matches at home and abroad are all about gamblers.

Betting Crickets in Bangladesh

Where many people including school-college students, youth, and businessmen are involved. Even the working people of society, who ‘eat day by day are falling into this gambling trap and losing little hard-earned capital. Betting crickets in Bangladesh for regular cricket bettors.

Besides, the tender-hearted students of school-college are going astray. At the same time, family and social unrest are increasing day by day centering on winning and losing in gambling.

This gambling game is also played through various websites in the international arena.

Betting options can also be seen on the popular cricket website Cricinfo. The two most popular betting websites are Bet365 and Betway.

Cricket gambling is in many ways. The team’s rate-win, how many runs in the next ball or six-four, whether the batsman will be out in the next over, and how many wickets a bowler will get.

Moreover how many runs the batsman will score, how many runs the team can have, how many runs or wickets the particular team will win Etc.

Betting is going on with various minor issues. They also decide the betting rate themselves.

Let’s not know the beginning of cricket gambling.

1 * 2 or 2 * 1 betting

This betting or gambling is usually based on the win-loss of two teams. In this case, the better team, which has a better chance of winning, has a betting rate of two and is a relatively weak team.

Suppose the Australia-Bangladesh game is being played. At that time the bet rate was 1 for Bangladesh and 2 for Ajid. Since Australia is a good team, whoever bets will get Rs.

And since Bangladesh is a weak team, if Bangladesh wins, he will get 2000 if he bets 1000. betting Crickets in Bangladesh

In other words, if you bet on behalf of Ajid, you have to bet with at least 2000 rupees. And if you take Bangladesh, 1000 rupees.

If you are for Bangladesh, you have to say 1 * 2 and if you are for Ajid, you have to say 2 * 1.

Although this rate often fluctuates. Local gamblers also place bets at 2 * 3, 3 * 2, 3 * 5- this rate. However, it is rarely seen in the international arena.

In this case, most of the gamblers bet on the weaker team. Because it has less investment and more profit.

Ball-by-ball betting

In the case of ball-by-ball betting, bets are placed at a fixed rate per ball. For example, whether it will be six, if it will be any, whether it will be run out, whether it will be four, whether it will be any out if it will be any kind of out etc.

Betting every over

The same rules apply to this bet. But here one over is calculated in place of the ball. For example, there will be six or four in and over. Whether it will be out, how it will be, how many runs it will take, etc. betting Crickets apps in Bangladesh

On the toss

Not only on the ball or over but also on the toss. That is, which team wins or loses the toss? Even batting or bowling is a bet on him. Betting Crickets in Bangladesh

On the player

In this case, bets are placed on a specific player. For example, how many runs a player will make, how many runs will be out, how will he be out, how many will be six or four, how many catches will he take, etc. betting Crickets in Bangladesh

On the team

In this case, the bet is on the team. That is how many runs a particular team will be all out. How many wickets will the team take, how many can hit four or six, how many catches will it take, etc? betting Crickets in Bangladesh


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